Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shelby Class of 2013 {Senior Session}

Meet Shelby, class of 2013! I had so much fun with this girl, she had me laughing the entire session. She was a bit nervous but you can't tell...she was a natural in front of the camera. She rolled in on rollerblades and put up with me as I tried to make her laugh :) Thanks so much for such a fun session Shelby and best of luck to you in your senior year! 

School: Mountain View High School 
Favorite Drink: Mountain Berry Blast Powerade 
Best Candy Ever: Butterfinger
Biggest accomplishment to date: Getting my drivers license
Favorite Movie: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Three favorite things in your closet: The blue hoodie my grandma bought me, my maroon ecko united shirt, and my gray, black and white DC's.
Hobbies/extracurricular activities: Roller Derby, playing the drums and video editing
A random fact about you: My favorite thing to eat when I'm sick is applesauce
 How would your friends describe you? I can be fun but I am serious when I need to be. I'm a very organized person, I have sympathy for others and I'm loyal.
 What are you looking forward to your senior year? I'm really happy I get to drive to school now. I'm glad I joined Roller Derby because I haven't done a sport and this is my last year. I'm excited to finally move out into a place where a family loves me and I get my own room.

Congratulations on  your senior year Shelby! It was such a treat meeting you!!



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