Who, me?

Hello there, thanks for stopping by!  I am a natural light photographer located in Central Oregon and this is my story:

-My name is Alisa and I am a wife, mother, teacher, dog owner and lover of sweets and photography. 

-I met my husband playing college basketball when we were eighteen years old. Dated four years, married at twenty two and we now live happily ever after! 

- I believe Jesus and Dr. Seuss were the two greatest people to walk the earth. 

- Our fur baby Monte (or more commonly referred to as Monte Boy, Montes, or trouble) is one big cuddly love wrapped in a goldren retriever body. He is only four months older then our son :) 

- When our son Loke was born, I would hold him and look at him and wish so much that I could only push pause for a while and selfishly enjoy some of the moments that ultimately turned into memories. That is when my interest in photography grew into a love and passion. 

- So now here I am, technically, just a a mom with a camera tryint to give others the same captured moments I long for with your heart and my lens :)

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