Monday, July 16, 2012

What _____ Looks Like {Bend, Oregon}

Together with five other Oregon photographers we continue our lifestyle blogging project entitled What ___________ looks like.  This idea was inspired by a group of fabulous Montana photographers! Our simple goal is to capture our own life and families.  Each month we decide to fill in the blank with our own word or concepts. We will each blog hop to the next photographers blog until our circle of five is complete.  I hope you take the wonderful journey and enjoy this peek into each of our lives. Please feel free to join in anytime...just leave your blog link below!    Xo

From the moment we found out we were pregnant, Tyler couldn't stop talking about the first time he could take his daughter or son out on the boat. Well..this last month we had the opportunity to do just that! I couldn't help but smile as I watched my hubby introduce Loke to all things boat, water and sun screen (which is a serious MUST in our house). It was a wonderfully hot day and as crazy as it was to pack all the boys up (dog included) it was heaven to finally get out on that lake. Now, Loke is completely obsessed with the boat and wants to spend every waking minute in the drivers seat. So...we find ourselves spending on average 2o minutes per day sitting in the boat in our garage anxiously awaiting the next opporutunity to actually go out on the water again! I guess it was a complete success! 

What {A day on the Lake} Looks Like sweet boys

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Jessica Woodford said...

Looks like a great day & Loke looks incredibly happy! Hope you are enjoying your summer!! xo

Kimberly Teichrow Photography said...

I love the images that capture the beginning of things to come... and these certainly qualify! What fun!

Gary Irwin said...

Alisa, you took me back to the day when I first took Kim and her brother out on our first boat, great memories. Three good-lookin' redheads, what more could you ask for!

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