Sunday, June 17, 2012

What____Looks Like {Bend, Oregon}

Together with five other Oregon photographers we start our first month of a lifestyle blogging project entitled What ___________ looks like.  This idea was inspired by a group of fabulous Montana photographers! Our simple goal is to capture our own life and families.  Each month we decide to fill in the blank with our own word or concepts. We will each blog hop to the next photographers blog until our circle of five is complete.  I hope you take the wonderful journey and enjoy this peek into each of our lives. Please feel free to join in anytime...just leave your blog link below!    Xo

Take me out to the ball game; take me out to the crowd. For it’s ONE, TWO, THREE strikes your out at the old ball game!
Well it’s actually two strikes and your out while playing City League softball :) 
Together with an amazing group of friends, we hire babysitters and every Wednesday we hit the field for some good old fashion fun.  While our ultimate goal is to win, we also try hard to stay away from the Nugget hat and try to stuff our faces with as many spits and skittles as possible. 
So without further adieu, I present…

What City League Softball Looks like


Leave it to my hubby to represent the hot pink Nugget hat :) 
This is Rosa's "I just struck out and I'm not happy about it" face.  
Go ahead Chris, you can now shave your beautiful mustache beacuse WE WON!!! 

Be on the look out for the neon yellow team...they sure are a force to be reckoned with :) 

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Kimberly Teichrow Photography said...
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The Wilsons said...

Love it, Lis!

Kimberly Teichrow Photography said...

Nice work... looks like a fun group!

Kimmy said...

oh that looks like a BLAST!

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